Blockchain Application Development

Being a reputed blockchain development company in the USA, we are proficient in building exceptional blockchain apps that ensure more efficiency, more security, and more transparency to businesses. From simple to advanced blockchain architecture, we hold the right expertise to beef up blockchain solutions of any complexity. Our finest technical team is best at handling all the blockchain development aspects like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, etc.


With the finest suite of blockchain development services, we help businesses leverage blockchain benefits in the most advanced areas. Our services range from everything that decentralized technology has to offer. We developed end products with customer satisfaction in mind matched to their capabilities.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

With our expertise in blockchain consulting, we build a comprehensive road map for carrying out a blockchain solution for your business. Our consultant will help you analyze the blockchain potential and pick the right platform. For the proposed project, we suggest to clients the ideal technology solutions.

Custom Blockchain App Development

Get the best custom blockchain development from leading industry experts. With your business idea in mind, we create a prototype and design blockchain app integrated with customized features. Our crafted custom solutions will help turn your business challenges into opportunities.

Blockchain Wallets & Exchange Apps

RinsingMax meets the need for currency security by constructing blockchain-based digital wallets and exchange platforms. Be it desktop, mobile device, or any browser; we ensure our securely programmed apps allow managing cryptocurrencies with ease.

Solana Blockchain Development

We help startups and enterprises launch user-friendly decentralized applications on Solana blockchain technology. Our project development on Solana is highly scalable and secure on the Solana network. Our Solana blockchain development services cater to a range of projects from the NFT marketplace to Defi.

NFT Marketplace Development

Risingmax is the popular name among blockchain application development companies in New York. We have already developed the NFT marketplace on Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. With our Whitelabel solution of Opensea and Solsea apps, be an early adopter of the NFT Marketplace to compete in the race.

Crypto Exchange Development

RisingMax is a leading blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange development company in NYC serving worldwide clients. With leadership in customer value, OpenXcell is climbing high as a top cryptocurrency exchange developer. We have expertise in various blockchain & crypto exchange development

dApp Development

Get a custom app from scratch to match your business goals perfectly. For broad industrial verticals, we offer decentralized app development that ensures seamless infrastructure. With combined stunning UI and advanced features, our crafted Dapps help clients stay on the competitive edge.

Enterprise BlockChain Development

Blockchain has the full potential to transform SMEs. We are a one-stop place for a solution you are always looking to implement in your business network. By blending blockchain's power with powerful technologies like AI, and ML, we create entirely new enterprise blockchain solutions.

Migration & Upgrades

Make a shift to the blockchain without missing a beat. We also migrate the existing ones into the blockchain. Our blockchain experts also work with you to create a road map, including everything from testing, migration to update. We believe in keeping business processes up and running with no downtime.

Countable blockchain achievements

We take pride in our blockchain accomplishments and continue to raise the bar in quality and value for ourselves and our clients.


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We people at RisingMax, are open to serve businesses of all sizes with successful blockchain software development in New York to enhance business functionality. Feel free to share your fresh ideas with us to get on-demand blockchain development. We'll get back to you with details at the time slot that suits you best.

Blockchain Solutions For Wide Industries

Finance & Banking

For banks and financial institutions, it's vital than ever to bring more transparency, efficiency, and trust to every transaction with best-in-class blockchain solutions. Our leading blockchain application development company develops blockchain apps for finance businesses to easily manage transaction records without worrying about cyber attacks. By taking full advantage of this new technology, we build a robust blockchain to safeguard financial transactions as per the client's needs.

  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Identity Management
  • Asset Management
  • Management of Financial Records


Enhance the quality of your healthcare services via a secure blockchain technology solution. With blockchain integration, various challenges of the healthcare system can be simplified. RisingMax is the top-notch blockchain development firm developing healthcare apps using blockchain technology for carrying out medical procedures with ease. We offer comprehensive blockchain-powered healthcare app development services from the supply chain, EHR management, and many more.

  • Clinical Trial Systems
  • Medical Device Supply Chain
  • Healthcare Insurance Management Solution
  • Patient Data Management System


Get the future of education with blockchain just right here. Our advanced blockchain solutions help enhance the efficiency of educational systems. By utilizing technologies like Hyperledger, our team builds learning management systems of the utmost quality. With deep, extensive experience in crafting blockchain solutions for institutions, we help you attain new opportunities. We are best at building blockchain solutions for different educational processes.

  • Academic Degree Management
  • Easy Financial Management
  • Global Assessment Platform
  • Cloud Storage Solutions

Real Estate

As the evolution of technologies continues, RisingMax's expertise in utilizing blockchain for real estate that drives entrepreneurs' new investment opportunities. From buyers to real estate agents, all can come together to use the blockchain to facilitate secure buying, selling, and transactions. We help startups and SMEs explore this groundbreaking technology's potential to overcome significant financing and payment challenges.

  • Blockchain-Based Real Estate App
  • Real Estate Token Development
  • Blockchain Rental System Development
  • Smart Contract Development


Bring more security to your E-commerce business using Blockchain technology. Our advanced blockchain solutions for E-commerce businesses offer seamless digital payments, a quick way of fulfilling orders, and easy tracking. With years of industry expertise, our experienced professionals ensure clients with 100% satisfaction, transparency, and boosted profits. We take utmost care of you and your business by delivering next-gen quality ecommerce products.

  • Loyalties Application
  • Identity Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Consumer/Retailer Dapp


Utilize the power of blockchain to improve the processes of your logistics, transportation, and supply chain. No matter your business size or needs, our market-leading blockchain technology solutions help simplify shipping management, increase supply chain efficiencies, and so more. Stacked with highly-talented blockchain developers, we deliver unique blockchain-based solutions for logistics along with end-to-end support to your project.

  • End-to-end Fleet Solution
  • Development of Smart Contracts
  • Inventory Management
  • Roadmap for Your Logistics


In the food industry, customer data safety, payment security, and other issues can be well handled with blockchain. This trending technology opens the doors for food businesses or restaurants to bring more transparency and security to their services. We work with you to understand your business and determine how blockchain technology will streamline your processes. In match to business requirements, we make you reach success through innovative technology.

  • Application Development
  • API & Wallet Development
  • Smart Contracts Solutions
  • KYC Verification

Blockchain-based Platforms We Work On Include

Being a top-notch blockchain development company in New York, we focus on various blockchain platforms to deliver competitive smart contracts and Dapps of the utmost quality.



Serves high-performance and reliable blockchain solutions to enhance business efficiency



Enables the deployment of decentralized apps and smart contracts without any downtime



Based on blockchain, Stellar is a platform that connects banks and payment systems reliably



A technology that behaves as an electronic payment network for faster financial transactions



Empowers businesses to develop apps for the processing of valuable data without losing confidentiality



The user-friendly tool of the EOS helps build Dapps along with hosting on its platform



Built with the aim to simplify secure API integrations of business applications on a blockchain


Hedra Hashgraph

Powered by distributed consensus, Hedra Hashgraph offers a fast infrastructure to run Dapps



An open-source blockchain platform for the deployment, use, and safety of smart contracts


Blockchain-powered applications can power up your business while increasing your ROI


Bring greater transparency into your enterprise apps, business operations, and transactions utilizing blockchain

Increased Efficiency

Blockchain helps streamline processes and makes you less prone to human errors, allowing efficient completion of transactions.

Better Security

Protecting sensitive data is vital than ever. Blockchain helps prevent unauthorized activity when critical information is shared.

Enhanced Traceability

Transactions recorded on a blockchain ledger are highly traceable to verify assets' authenticity and prevent fraud.

Faster Performance

Since transactions are handled or performed using a single ledger with no third party involved, it speeds up the entire process.

Reduced Costs

With blockchain, there is no need to involve a third party in executing transactions, eliminating the maintenance, and reducing costs.

Easy To Manage

The blockchain solution is considered a fraud protection measure that makes it extremely easy to manage, operate and track digital identities.

Affordable Cloud Storage

Benefit your business with fast and affordable cloud storage. Blockchain technology enables data storage using the private key.




When choosing us for blockchain app development, you ensure you get fully customizable, highly reliable, and fully-secured blockchain apps. Each of our solutions is tailor-made to each client's needs and expectations.



At RisingMax, you will get a team of developers for your blockchain project that knows precisely your business needs, not just code. We carefully analyze your requirements and identify the best process to provide an appropriate blockchain solution.



Honed a good experience and skills in specific blockchain-relevant techniques, our experts try their best to deliver best-in-class solutions across many platforms. We focus on developing highly advanced Blockchain-based applications.



To integrate this cutting-edge technology, our team adopts proven strategies and methodologies for the maximum business benefit. At RisingMax, you will get the right technology solution to take your business to the next level.



We have been offering blockchain app development for banks to track credit history, reduce bad credits, improve regulatory compliance, etc. Adhering to AML and KYC norms, we ensure your business complies with all needed regulatory requirements.



By bringing the independent code in use, we build blockchain apps of any complexity. Highly qualified blockchain industry specialists craft all our blockchain apps. You can also rely on our technical help for future app updates. We get back to you asap.


As we transform your business idea to life using blockchain, we take various important factors into focus to build high-quality products. We also keep new industry and development standards in mind to develop tailor-made blockchain solutions.

Our blockchain developers start with careful analysis of business requirements and identifying the best approach to build blockchain solutions.
We further build a prototype and give an eye to the blockchain solution's functionality to determine whether it's suitable or not.
Developing a POC is the next stage that includes making decisions, and a solution document displaying the architecture needs to be crafted.
API integrations play a vital role in the blockchain development process to ensure seamless functioning and interactions between apps.
After APIs integration, our experts perform designing and developing front-end and back-end on the next step.
The complete blockchain solution further gets ready for several testing trials and then deployed or gets live successfully.
We further provide our clients with 24/7 technical support and upgrades to keep the app or software running smoothly.

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