Our Suite Of ML DevelopmentServices In The USA

Our machine learning software development services in the USA combine industry experience, technical support, reliable infrastructure and the most competent set of tools to serve clients.

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, we allow businesses to predict what will happen in the future using data, machine learning, and statistical algorithms. We provide AI-powered solutions that use historical data to identify possible future events.

Deep Learning

We are a machine learning application development firm that digs deeper into complex data to explore the potential and deliver perfect solutions with real-time deep learning algorithms.

Video Analytics

Our machine learning developers use high-level programming languages like Python and deep learning libraries to render the best video analytics services.

Neural Network Development

Our AI engineers develop deep learning systems that can process big data sets with several variables through neural network techniques. We create exceptional mobile applications using neural networks

Marketing Automation Solutions

We integrate machine learning programs with CRM applications, break down market segmentation, execute precision marketing, optimize demand forecasting, and improve content delivery.

Robotic Process Automation

Our proficient team of developers uses the latest tools and technologies and deep learning packages for website development powered by ML. We as a leading machine Learning Software Development Firm in New York strive to meet each organization’s unique business needs.

Data Analytics Development

Intelligent data scientists at RisingMax perform deep data analysis, data classification, data mining, and devise predictive models to analyze the collected data using ML algorithms.

Business Intelligence

We help businesses automate their operations and proceed in the right direction by analyzing business risk. Our expertise lies in building intelligent solutions for the desired outcome.

Natural Language Processing

At RisingMax, we use computer vision to render the correct methodology for object detection, image classification, and process data collected from the real world.

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Industries We Serve

We provide machine learning software development services in the USA and worldwide across various verticals of the global marketplace and boost their growth rate.


There’s no telling how massively will ML revolutionize the retail sector. ML helps retailers streamline the stocking and inventory management process, predicting & tracking customer behavior, and generating the right price. Smart analytics and NLP empower the retail stores to enjoy a better shopping experience.


AI and ML algorithms enable banks to automate their knowledge base and workforce. With tailor-made services, the banking sector is experiencing a massive reduction in uncertainty as it brings ease of fraud detection. In totality, it leverages human and machine capabilities to enhance operational and cost efficiencies.

HR and Workforce Management

Machine learning guides and assists the HR department to ensure that the functions are streamlined, and day-to-day decisions are more accurate. Companies can automate workflows, attract top talent, bring recruiting accuracy, forward planning, attrition detection, and measure employee engagement.


AI and ML focus on helping people in staying healthy. The most common use cases of machine learning development services are medical billing automation, clinical decision support, and clinical care guidelines development. The advent of consumer wearables allows the early detection of diseases.

Real Estate

The presence of ML in the real estate industry improves the efficiency of operational tasks and positively impacts the decision-making process. It focuses on asset management, property valuation, property management, simplified collaboration, supply chain management, and facility management.

Travel & Tourism

A machine learning app development company allows the travel & tourism industry to offer hyper-personalized services to its customers. Be it terms of a recommendation engine, flight fare & hotel price, travel assistance, UX airline personalizations, or sentiment analysis; it embraces all.


In the food sector, ML is contributing to a reduction in costs and improvement in quality. It facilitates analysis of the food market to have a deep understanding of consumer trends and adapt to consumers’ demands. Besides, it also improves the production plant’s hygiene and optimizes the food and beverage supply chain.


The automotive sector uses machine learning to carry out component durability’s predictive analysis and early identification of anomalies & defects. Another application of machine learning development services in this industry is the optimization of the supply chain, and it also brings an opportunity to improve the production process.

Installation & Energy Efficiency

AI through machine learning is promoting significant advances in the installation & energy efficiency sector. Machine learning carries out real-time analysis to adjust the electricity supply to demand by identifying consumer patterns and intercept any failures. Moreover, it detects consumption and demand peaks, thus improving energy management.

Machine Learning Solutions

With a smart Machine Learning Software Development Firm by your side, you can reach unfathomed automation levels and data processing. Companies are rapidly adopting machine learning and are leveraging complex statistical methods of ML algorithms.

At RisingMax, we offer end-to-end and dynamic ML solutions that will suit your business’s needs. Our solutions will elevate your products and services and help you gain a competitive advantage over others in the market.


Predictive Algorithms

Prediction of user behavior and preferences by using analysis and probabilistic algorithms.


Big Data Analytics

Analyzing, extracting information from data sets that are too large and revealing insights in large volumes.


Computer Vision

Extract useful information from images and surroundings to allow face recognition, biometrics, AR, and other use cases.


Customer Analytics

Train machines to understand text and speech, extract meaningful information, find relevant topics in text documents, and build chatbots.


Recommender Systems

We provide users with the most relevant content and deliver a hyper-personalized experience to the customers.


Time Series Forecasting

Find patterns in the historical data for predicting trends and seasonal cycles. Demand forecasting, strategy or pricing adjustment, and predicting prices for competitors.

Let’s Harness ML To Bring Great Results For Your Business

What Can ML Bring To Your Table?

Machine learning is all about understanding hidden data and statistics to extract meaningful information from the raw data set. RisingMax is a reliable Machine Learning Software Development Firm that prioritizes customer experience over everything else.



Data experts solve complex business problems through data experts who apply their technical skills.


Real-time Analysis

ML conducts a real-time analysis of the data to generate insightful information from it.


Personalized Solution

Machine learning development services offer tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses.


100% Transparency

Complete transparency of the work and processes while the project is in the development stage.


On-time Delivery

The agile methodology enables us to meet all our deadlines and never miss the solution’s timely delivery.


High Quality

Our technology stack designs top-notch products.


30-day Free Assistance

We support 30-day free assistance and maintenance after the product is launched.


Cross-platform Integration

You can integrate your existing platform with a compelling ML model.


Reliable Machine Learning Development Technologies

RisingMax is a Machine Learning Software Development Firm and a credible partner to spearhead your ML development services requirements.

  • TensorFlow
  • Caffe
  • Torch
  • Accord.NET
  • Theano
  • Keras
  • Scikit-learn
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Why Choose RisingMax As Your MachineLearning Software Development Firm?


Deep Requirement Analysis

We believe in first understanding the machine learning requirement in-depth before beginning to develop ML solutions.



Novel Ideas

RisingMax, an expert machine learning app development company, offers advanced ML services that suit the businesses’ modern needs.



Data-driven Insights

Our machine learning development services extract the most valuable insights from various data sources.



Intelligent Business Automation

Our sophisticated and sorted business planning & strategizing enable automation of business processes.



Customer Analytics

Our ML applications explore large data sets to gain crucial information about the customers.



Highly Competent Teams

We are a team of skilled, creative, and curious people who keep on working to create solutions that reflect supreme accuracy.



Agile Methodologies & Tools

With the best methodologies and tools in the market, we provide you with the complete suite of IoT app development services to meet your business needs.



Highly Secure Solutions

Our team ensures you fully protected app solutions by engaging in advanced security measures. An app is in-built with advanced data encryption, etc.



Active Support & Maintenance

Beyond IoT app deployment, you can also have access to our active support and maintenance service for your smart IoT devices around you.



We are a ML Software Development Firms that advocates providing customized solutions through flexible engagement models.

Fixed Price Engagement Model

This model means a fixed scope of tasks, fixed project requirements, and fixed budget. If you choose this model, you need to describe every stage and action on the project, every task, and acceptance metrics.

  • Fixed budget & no hidden costs
  • Strictly determined timeframes
  • Know in advance what you will get
  • Milestones-based billing

Dedicated Resource Model

This model is simple, wherein you hire engineers who work exclusively on your project either as a standalone team or an extension of your in-house team. You can gain total control of machine learning development processes.

  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly billing
  • Engage on an on-demand basis
  • No setup fees

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